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Mixed Use Property Bwerks specializes in design-build and design-assist projects where our creativity, knowledge, and experience is used to add value to the design and development process and bring together the talents of our team. Mixing expertise, teamwork, and early involvement enables Bwerks to address and seek solutions to the complex needs that arise during the critical design-build process for a successful outcome. Bwerks is adept at handling all phases of construction to take a project efficiently from conception to completion.
Commercial Property Bwerks has shaped Texas from city to city. Projects range from signature mixed use properties to commercial property. Bwerks partners to help build corporate office complexes and buildings in dense urban areas and suburban corporate campuses, all to suit your specifications.
Your imagination and ideas will compliment the unlimited textured and colored applications we provide from 1/8″ to 4″ can be installed for all applications from residential to industrial use.

Add color and strength to both vertical and horizontal concrete projects. Depending on the results youre trying to achieve, color can be mixed in the truck or cast on to the surface. Each unique in appearance.

Unlimited effects can be achieved with our eperience by coloring surfaces with acid, solvent and water based dyes and stains.

Imprinting can be done to new concrete and overlays to create stone, tile or wood surfaces. Finishing techniques can be used to create custom textures.

Using our 1100 lb. 20 hp diamond grinder, we can create a variety of concrete finish levels from a simple polish to a deep terrazo finish.

We are certified to install both methods of green, environmentally friendly monolithic concrete applications that allow water permiability.

We apply concrete coatings as thin as a credit card while maintaining durability that can serve as a driving surface. Unlimited colors and textures for interior and exterior applications.

Sandblasting or chemically exposing concrete can expose natural or hand applied aggregates or glass to create unique one of a kind surfaces.

We are fully capable of all structural concrete applications from balconies to water dams.

Whether it be redesigning ramps, coloring or applying anti-slip coatings, we can do it.

Our experienced masons can create anything.Our large selection of local stone enables us to be very creative.

We can build steel and wood trellis’, pergolas, carports and BBQ patio covers.

Outdoor living areas create peaceful environments to enjoy, whether it be sitting in front of a fire or grilling.

bwerks-placeholder Bwerks custom concrete site furnishings are manufactured in Texas. Custom concrete site furnishings can be manufactured to your specifications to meet the needs of your project. Tables, countertops, chairs, benches, ping pong tables and more can be made of concrete or stone. Our custom concrete site furnishings can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and designs, with a selection of color choices and textures for each concept.

Bwerks also delivers and installs all aspects of furnishings.

indoor poolsBwerks is the leading Service, Supply and Developer of Commercial Swimming Pools in Texas. We service the Commercial market including municipal, institutional, competition, leisure, activity, water parks, and therapy pools. Along with a full service department, we offer pool construction and renovation. Bwerks also provides complete filtration, sanitation and electronic control systems.

bwerks-placeholder Bwerks has quickly become one of the industry leaders in Custom Splash pads and Waterfalls because of our ability to do custom features and fountains. Our splash pads are truly custom-built and designed to fit your outdoor needs.

Bwerks blends the aesthetic and functional element of your vision into a rewarding and successful project. Full Service Aquatic design and build capability from concept to reality.

bwerks austin construction companyBwerks combines the talents our team of design engineers with the use of the latest CAD, 2D, 3D rendering software in the industry. 3D color rendering brings your ideas to life through the use of simulations, prototypes and models. You will see your vision as though it was on your property. Through our state-of-the art visualizing techniques you will gain the realism and clarity you need to make decisions before production ever begins.

Our color rendering brings your ideas to life through the use of simulations, prototypes and models. With the power of 3D color rendering. Our team excels at being artistic and it shows.

consulting-meetingWith over 20 years of experience in an creating, planning and developing extremely broad scope of projects from luxury homes to mix uses commercial properties. We consult and manage at any level needed. Contact one of our consultants.