Mercedes Benz of Austin – Case Study


Mercedes Benz of Austin


Austin, Texas


Service Center Flooring


We were approached to look at the failing epoxy coating in the 37000 SF facility. It had been coating 4 times over the last 20 years. Each time the product failed and needed another application, not only did it look bad, but it resulted in substantial downtime. Downtime in a facility this busy means money!


After reviewing the floor, we suggested removing all layers of epoxy and polishing the concrete instead to give them a low maintenance floor they would never have to recoat again.


We were able to do the entire project after hours and in sections resulting in no downtime. With basic cleaning, they will never have to spend more money or time to recoat the floor.


The project was challenging. We discovered 6 different concrete pours, each requiring a different type of diamond to achieve consistent results. The polishing resulted in a floor with great reflective qualities for the mechanics.


We used both Prosoco and Husqvarna densifiers and guards in different stages of the application


We used our Dynamic Diamond 800 Grinder, which is an 1100 lb. machine. The entire project was kept dust free with our Errmator Hepa Vacuum system.