Mercedez Benz taps Bwerks


“Austin’s most prestigious car dealership seeks service from Bwerks” Continental Automotive Group sought help from Bwerks to provide a new flooring surface in the Mercedes Benz of Austin service center.

Throughout the past 20+ years, the floor has been coated with an epoxy coating multiple times. Eventually these coatings began to fail and look less desirable. Aside from being very expensive, it also requires down time, which is very costly. Bwerks suggested they look in to removing the many layers of coatings and finishing the floor with a concrete polishing process instead. Intrigued, we provided a mock up on the actual floor to show them what they could expect.

After being contracted, we worked with management to work around their schedule so they would have absolutely no down time at all. Due to the enormous amount of business they had, this was very important and required all work to be done at night. The process included 5 steps of diamond grinding and polishing ,which also included a densifier and guard burnished in the floor. Ultimately, the result is a floor that will never require another coating, has very low maintenance and looks very clean. This process can be taken to many different finishing levels and can include colored dyes or exposed aggregates for decorative purposes. We are proud to work with such a prestigious and professional organization.